Nativity Scene

Although the history of Bethlehem had
principle undoubtedly after
great event coming to
this world the Son of God by pure circumstances
in a small village
Bhetlem called Judea , but although
concrete well everything that happened
before and after the birth of Jesus,
thanks to the testimonies written by two
of the four evangelists , Matthew and
San Lucas , making two versions from
benchmark their arrival at
world of our Savior.
But it is not until well into the century
XIII, when most people worry about
investigate further the life of Jesus and mainly
everything related to the
events of the mystery of his birth,
creating even plays of
the life and death of Jesus Christ , they at
were generally represented within
churches and convents, until the people
the endorsed and are staged outside
religious buildings.
Fortunately one of the first
representations which has reference
fura religious walls, was the
who performed at Christmas 1223 ,
after being granted permission to do the
Pope Honorius III to San Francisco de Asis,
"The Saint of Joy " as his contemporaries
knew him , for this task
have to chose a humble stable in
the slopes of Mount Greccio , the
Italian Umbria , set up a makeshift
recreating natural scenery to represent
St. Joseph and Mary in figures
life-size cardboard cut , being
the child monumental or mud, meat and
bone were the ox and the mule.
To do this staging first
Once , San Francisco via the friars
their community , spread the word of
that night would be represented in a
Greccio cave on Mount modest staging
the coming of Jesus to the world ,
He asked the people of Retti valley,
as did the shepherds and neighbors
of the town of Bhetlem 1223 years ago,
come closer and offered her child in her songs
and present to make more realistic representation
and that these people take participation
Direct from that night happen
for the first time in history that
corner of the medieval Italy.
Popular legend has it that this
appointed night , God made a great miracle ,
since taking the Child San Francisco betweenyour hands so that these will come

kissing him , he became flesh and
bone, while crumbling aqullq
cave lit with flashes of light
radiant and celestial, than it ever witnessed
the event could not believe what
they had seen , as this case reported to
Retti neighbors , who were unable or unwilling
go to celebrate for the first time
humble birth of the son of God.
From this unforgettable night without
realize the Friar Francis of Assisi,
gave way to the craftsmanship of Bethlehem , since
This staging of the coming of Jesus to

It never happened again .

world , had great impact on the religious level
and several churches and convents took
as tradition representation by
Christmas, the birth of the son of God,
although the miracle that recounts the legend and